The MIT App Inventor Summit is the annual gathering of the world-wide App Inventor community. Hosted by the MIT Center for Mobile Learning and the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), this summit brings together a diverse range of individuals, including: research scientists; educators from formal and informal settings; NGO staff members; computer scientists; representatives from industry; entrepreneurs; and others. The intimate size, exhilarating program, and accomplished attendees make the MIT App Inventor Summit the ideal opportunity to share current work, form new collaborations, and stay abreast of the latest developments within the MIT App Inventor community.



Talks present participants with the opportunity to present their research, experience, projects or implementations of their App Inventor-related work. Each presentation will last no longer than 15 minutes with an extra 5 minutes specifically dedicated to questions. Authors who wish to submit possible topics to be considered for talk sessions at the App Inventor summit must submit a 2-3 page abstract following the talk formatting guidelines.

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Posters provide an interactive forum in which authors can present their work to attendees during poster sessions. We especially encourage students to submit their work-in-progress projects related to App Inventor. The poster sessions will be held over lunch and during coffee breaks. Posters provide an opportunity to describe new work or work that is still in progress using App Inventor.

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Panels present multiple perspectives on a specific topic. Each panel will have at most four panelists including a moderator.Panel submissions should include a list of the panelists, their affiliations, and a description of the overall topic, with brief position statements from each panelist.

Proposals with more than four panelists must specify the reason for the extra panelist as well as how the time will be divided so that each panelist will be able to speak.

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The App Competition allows users of MIT App Inventor to showcase their apps.

The app developer DOES NOT need to be present at the 2014 MIT App Inventor Summit. However he/she must agree that the MIT App Inventor Team can showcase the app. There will be three prizes awarded for this competition. In addition the prizes, each winner will also receive a certificate that reflects the winning category.

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Short video submissions allow users of App Inventor to tell their story, their experience in using the tool, reasons and motivations for creating apps or to just showcase their work etc. The video needs to be NO LONGER than one minute .

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Google App Inventor

Today, almost 100 million people in the United States are using a smartphone, and the number is growing rapidly. These devices not only have put the Internet in our pockets, but also have altered our ideas of computers as static machines. One of the most important areas of research at MIT concerns ubiquitous computing. During a sabbatical year at Google, professor Hal Abelson invented software that would enable everyone to program an “app” for his or her phone. Google App Inventor (renamed the MIT App Inventor in late 2011 when Google stopped supporting the project) is new, but it represents a key philosophy espoused by Abelson: “If your phone is going to be an influential force in your life, then you should be able to shape it to suit your needs whether or not you have a degree in computer science or electrical engineering.”

Google App Inventor -- Interactive Display
Hal Abelson
to try:

photo: courtesy MIT App Inventor

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