update april 25 Hello Virtual Space Apps Participants!

We've had a huge response to the International Space Apps Challenge this year from those of you who participated virtually.  Over 2,200 people from all corners of the world participated virtually to tackle the 58 challenges.  170 solutions were submitted and today we are announcing the top 4 virtual winners!
These teams will progress to the global judging round and will also receive two K'NEX Building Sets which were provided by the organizers of the Philadelphia Main Stage location.  
<drum roll>
The winners are...
A minimalist and modern display mount that shows the frequency with which Earth is bombarded by coronal mass ejections emanating from the Sun.  
An interactive web-app that allows users to explore the recent and past weather of Mars.  
A visualization of nearly 600,000 cataloged asteroids and analysis of their economic prospects.  
An app to help connect astronauts on the International Space Station with everyday people.
We would also like to highlight four other solutions that received honorable mentions:  
An original conceptual 3D design of a self-replicating exploration rover, with details plans of its wheel, suitable for printing.  
A web-based application that provides backyard flock management.  
An exploration of space telescopes and when they are looking at what.  
A mission design for a constallation of cubesats that will provide 24/7 images of the surface of Mars.  
First graders listened to Red Giant Concert, chose instruments, planned their entrances, and created their own Red Giant Concert.

8000 project observers expected by start date april 21 - judges etc  include Astronaut Ron Garon

 below some of the projects


Space Station Benefits To Humanity

For The Record

The Wall


Renewable Energy Explorer

Curiosity At Home

The Space Challenge Game


Kennedy Space Center 2040

In The Sky With Diamonds

Off The Grid

3D Printing Contest


Arduino - HomePage - SimilarShare

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Open-source electronic prototyping platform  allowing to create interactive electronic objects.
3,250 people +1'd this

Nasa Wind Tunnel Visualization

Incentives Tied To Utility Rates

My Space Cal



Print station

More earth observation

Predicting water contamination

Reach For The Stars

Peace Corps Orbital Perspective

The Blue Marble

Solar Flare

Soil Testing Kit

Smart Cities, Smart Climate

Seeing Water From Space

 Listening To The Stars

Lego Rovers


Revitalize The Pds

Hitch A Ride To Mars

Aligning The Stars

Asteroid Hunter

Cubesats For Asteroid Exploration

“Catch A Meteor” Tracker

Exploring Asteroids: Planet Hopper

Database Of Near Earth Objects

Comparing Earth Landscapes


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