The Collaboration Winner of Yunus Social Business Competitions is ...

Background- Starting September 2011, Yunus Social Business Competitions have been has convened states wide across universities - 5 states to date. See you at the New hamsphie celebration end of Sept 2013

Because the process used drew on competitions animated by over 100 Historically Black Universities since 2000 , the collaboration reach of Yunus Social Business Competitions is one of those things USA does best around Yunus Beautiful Dreamer (see Congress Gold Medal) and Youth Collaboration Reality Maker

Of course the wonderful dynamic of Collaboration networks is if you come across a benchmark that emulates the ones we know of , tell us and lets see how they can help each other is a benchmark for positive impacts that youth entrepreneur networks can have on the purpose of finance- bravo. In terms of collaboration, it has set the bar for all Yunus Social Business competition winners and state universities in NC GA AL OR NH
Pennies 4 Progress (P4P) is a not for profit leading a revolution in innovative ...See More


Pennies gives youth back the opportunity to design how use of debit cards and other electronic financial transactions can have youth entrepreneurial impacts including job creation way beyond collecting points for air miles or other consumption schemes. Out of America, could there be anything more Youth Yunus (1) than that

From Journal of Social Business to MOOC Yunus the flows of purpose that Youth and Yunus can empower are unlike any other dynamic mappable across the planet of 2010-2015 Among Yunus youth movements not initially generated by Yunus Social Business Competitions none that we know of has more collaboration potential than his daughter's out of New York City

Download Journal of Social Business issue 7 on student competions w...; we welcome nominations of top 10 open research networks that students want support on during 021-013 by region - early research of over 80 competitionentries suggests:

Funds.. .Banks with values.. ...
Bioenergy.. Cashless Bank/currency... .To Come..
Nutrition. .Free Nursing College.. ...
State Skill Regen.. .EU-wide catalogue of open social.. ...
Sanitation.. Change Legislation of Funds... ...



Change value of media celebrities and sportstars..

.MENA region.. ...
.. Post 2015 M Goals network... ...
.. .Bioenergy.. ...
Incubator spaces.. .Redesign Afrfi-Ag Value Chains.. ...
.. .SBPatent Pools.. ...

Journal of Social Business update october 2012

- 7 issues now published


click pic below to download first issue free mailed to 3000 leaders chosen by dr yunus


click pic below to download special issue celebrating 15 years of microcreditsummit sampled to 2500 delegates of world summit spain 2011

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fullest press reports  Grameen Brand Partnership Architecture

exponential impact advisory: the social business youth networks inspired by muhammad yunus -without which millennium goal actions networks would be way behind are worth far more than any individual parts according to Norman Macrae Foundation  trilliondollaraudit methodology and charter notespace

Beyond the extraordinary investment of the members bank at Grameen, and the approximate third share its members foundation holds in grameenphone, here is our Unofficial League Table of Most Impactful Social Business Investments around yunus - last update 1 dec 2012

! Grameen Solar

2 Grameen Mobile Nursing nets and college

3 Portfolio of investments linkedin by Japan

4 Portfolio of youth-led networking inventions in US educationsystem  tertiar and secondary - transparency note NM Foundation has minor donation/loan interest

5 Investments in Grameen as collaboration brand linked in out of paris- the origin of global social business partnership funds

6 OpenTech investments of Grameen Intel


-------- while not controlled by yunus we see wholeplanetfoundation microcredit investment table and conscious capitalsm movements and hugely important to advancing pro-youth economicsmission of friends of youth and yunus


email you have questions or recommendations of entries that should be in this league table

-please read notes about what pro-youth economists mean by superapps being most

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