AI and robotics are changing the future of work. Are you ready?
June 4-5, 2018
MIT Media Lab
Cambridge, MA


AI and robotics are driving rapid and radical workplace transformation across all industries, for companies large and small. These and other emerging technologies, like advanced manufacturing and AR/VR, are changing jobs ranging from manufacturing to medicine to retail. 

EmTech Next will examine the technology behind these global trends and their implications for the future of work. It will delve into their potential to empower the human workforce and open up new areas of economic growth, while also exploring their unintended consequences.

How can businesses better use artificial intelligence?

How will you prepare your workforce for the jobs of the future? 

What skills will be valued in this new era? 

How can you stay agile and steer your career through this time of unprecedented change?

Topics include:

» Artificial Intelligence and its impact on businesses
» Robots as your coworkers
» The digital factory and 3-D printing
» VR/AR in the workplace
» The skill gap myth—or rethinking retraining
» Job displacement and labor disruption

EmTech Next: Prepare for the future of work

Who Should Attend

MIT Technology Review events consistently attract senior-level business and technology decision makers who drive the global innovation economy.

EmTech is a must-attend for:
- C-Level Executives
- Policy Leaders
- Innovators
- Tech Media
- Entrepreneurs
- Venture Investors
- IP Professionals


The innovators at the heart of the next wave of the digital revolution are here.

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  • Daron

    Professor of Economics, MIT

    AI's Economic Impact

  • Joseph

    President, Northeastern University

    Robot-Proof: Higher Education in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

  • Regina

    Delta Electronics Professor, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT

    AI for Personalized Health Care

  • James

    Cofounder and CTO, Kindred AI

    Imagining the Jobs of the Future: Robot Pilots

  • Jessica

    Director, Vrai Pictures

    Engineering Creativity: Machines as Co-creators

  • Janet

    Chairman and CEO, Deloitte Consulting LLP

    Executive Insights on the Future of Work, Presented by Deloitte

  • Jason

    Professor of the Practice of Economic Policy, Harvard Kennedy School

    Automation and the Future of Work: Will This Time Be Different?

  • Tom

    CEO, IAM Robotics

    Solving the Warehouse Labor Shortage

  • Jenn

    Digital HKS Fellow, Harvard Kennedy School

    Engaging People in Crafting the Future of Work

  • John

    Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, MIT; Cofounder, Desktop Metal

    Reimagining the Factory Floor

  • Gideon

    Editor in Chief, MIT Technology Review

  • Greg

    Founder and CEO, Markforged

    The Next Generation of 3-D Printing

  • David

    Chair, MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future

    Our Robots, Ourselves: Robotics and the Myths of Autonomy

  • Iyad

    Associate Professor, MIT

    A Regional Reality Check: Where Are Tomorrow's Jobs?

  • Elisabeth B.

    Executive Director, MIT Task Force on the Work of the Future

    Public Space, Public Goods, and Governance

  • David

    Editor, MIT Technology Review

  • Sanjay

    Vice President for Open Learning, MIT

    The Future of Education

  • Julie

    Associate Professor, MIT

    Robot See, Robot Do: Exploring Human-Machine Collaboration

  • Brad

    President, Microsoft

    The Future Computed

  • Stefanie

    Assistant Professor, Brown University

    Beyond the Code: Next-Generation Human-Machine Interfaces

  • Manuela

    Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

    Next-Generation Robots Need Your Help

  • Melonee

    CEO, Fetch Robotics

    Affordable Robots for the Warehouse and Beyond

  • Elizabeth

    Senior Editor for Business, MIT Technology Review

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