arctic circle youth and china can create billion new jobs of save the planet and renew community edu? has several moving parts - we try and map leadership summits up to summer 2020- we are interested in those summits that newly invest in youth becaue instead of just making speeches they result in new beyond classroom actions for all youth to explore
Help us celebratie the sayings of Jack Ma
1j ack says half of all youth will unemployable unless we go beyond teh classroom

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

sept 2018 to see greatest everr summit valuing girls and refugees- breaking news

one year on from most exciting education summit we've been privilig...

president macron missing curricula plea that french as second language is priroritised with 10 times more affordable english and chiense as second languages .. note to students get french universities to join in cataloguing world fav communities for all networks (eg special olympics, monica yunus'  -

==============sept 2017 birth of education commission & greatest #learningeneration===

if the world of education isnt transformed beyond the over-examined classroom - half of all youth will be unemployable
2 jack says 0.3% of all alibaba revcenue goes into a green foundation- and so far that mainly invests in the worlds greatest natirural and youth resources -places with huge natural assets often far away like the arctic with a few brave youth there on the ground link back from the futiure
jack says that DAMOacadmey believes it is writh investing 15 billion dolars in back from the futures as seen but youth tech wizards from unusual places eg moscow and israel as well as usual places like siliicon valley and hangzhou
jack may be china's second wealthuest man and leading tech gury but until the age of 30 jack says he only had 2 talents - showing tourists around his hometowan hangzhou and peer to peer enelglish languiage elarning
jack says that up to 1500 hangzhou was one of the 2 great hivs for worldwide commerce - the oether was every nation facing the med sea -then something happened to world trading routes- basically the english replaned thriving local peoels all along the silk road with colonisation; 1500's 2 largest populations and eceonomies incdia and china were expoenetially closed down; chiea's appetite to gtrade with the world didnt open to 1976- it then took 3 extraordinary leaps forward:
women eld manufaturing (and in china consumer choice) to hold up half the sky- they scacrificed having more than one child so that china could do industrial revolution in 20 yeras that had taen english speaking world 250 yeras
leap 2 public servants went back to school - the most amzing spce ever to train public servants - if you love l;earning poit tsinghua university on your bucket list- its the happiest university i could ever imagnine seeing
and then jack travelled to america- he saw the web before any other chiense mainlander and spent 10 yeras where silly valley spent 3 months conceiving how hangzhou would once again be the epicentre of all the most inspired comerce peopels can trade with each other; people did not belive jack would succeed - ironically china's old enemy japan came to his finacial rescue- once tsinghua saw what jack could build in 2008 they started teaching stdents something competelky different
vback in 1976 studnets were not alowed to start any companes they were all state owned - in 2017 china launched 5 million stary ups mostly youth built- howver these were not just make money starts up - in 2106 xi jinping joined jack and the whole of hangzhou in celebrating the idea that china's 4 greates modern invesntion were all moer socai/ sustainable than anything the west had yet buit- sharing bicycles and fas trains, mobiulising money ad well as e-commerce; and jack said in 2020 i will strat my 3rd decdae of creating jobs with webs; i want to get back to the most joyful markjets: education, health, green - how can worldwide youth linkin with taht exploration...
during the arctic meeting at tufts lunchtime you were at the conference desk and you max and i briefly greeted each other, and you told me you grew up quite close to shanghai (and so eg 沪江-专业的互联网学习平台。学习,成为更好的自己!  a leader in conneting 20000 students and teachers live however remote their classrooms)
yiyi yesterday I had a great meeting in washington dc set up by max with robert rich of arcus (max can explain who he is but few people seem to have remit to help youth choose what they do and study across arctic)
as you can see from his notes , he has asked me to maximise chiense conections around him - so my question is do you have time to monitor how china, tufts and arctic groups connect
i realise student tme is incredibly precious and many choices collide but 8 visits to beijing (establishing some connections inside tsinghua, and among those concerned with totally new invstments developing counytries Belt Roads need to make) lead me to believe china is miles ahead with distant learning tools and using ai to teach teacers as well as stidents -- so as to that connect distant youth communities and urgent local challenges which ultimately is critical to sustainability and jobs returning to any place and all our networks and education systems
therefore to the extent i can be of any use to arctic peoples -or college students in boston - it is helping connectithose in china with the technolgy but also with the permission to connect all sustainability youth; 
i dont speak chinese; i am not in boston for more than about 10 days a yera though america's most open learning speace ; i will never expereintially know many arctiic communities; maybe you and max could tell me if you have questions - i noticed a confucius intitute 100 yards down the hill from the conference room- if what I am trying to linkin isnt a match with your focus, do you know whether there is a way to see if there is another chinese stident who might want to know about this
thanks chris macrae 240 316 8157 norman macrae foundation
ps amy at columbia university has about 4 yeras experience of  walking in and out of UN youthe meetings and of me trying to connect chiense under 30s with all under 30 especially the billion who are either poorest women or come from the most disconnecetd of education childhoods - she herself coems from maos villages - perhaps you have time to chat to see if i am making any networking sense- 
also in new york is javeed- he's a new yotrket, india diaspora, spnet most of his life in teaching inner city disadvanted youth but now wants remote stidents in india to be linked in - he too is studying eg hujiang and how sepetemebr t the un general assemply is die to stage youths greatest elarning summit  -china and india dont always see eye to eye just like russian and america dont but actually if chinese and arctic circles youth dont resolve history confloicts then all our futures were dark
my first story to robert yesterday- how criel nature has been to us this last 500 years- imagine if the whole eursaia continet was 10 degrres latitude lower - bcak in 1500 north europe especially uk could have sailed the arctic circle- there would have been no colonisation of india, no closing down china with opium, maybe no wars no stalins or hitlers and women could have been valued as holding up half the sky through 500 years and not just chinas last 40 years
anyhow bon courage to everyone - these next few months i pray hcina friendships linkin wherever youth want to work hard on community building their sustainable generation
previously robert rich wrote
  • Dear Chris,

    Thank you very much for the eye-opening conversation this morning and the follow-up note. I enjoyed hearing your big ideas and thinking about how we can advance Arctic education and knowledge and make connections with the innovators you described.

    I noted the following likely areas for follow-up:
        • To lead a delegation of Arctic education stakeholders to China (especially Tsinghua University) to see this innovation first-hand,
        • To get Chinese education leaders to appear at our (Arctic community) events, and
        • To match up people in support of corresponding on projects - to get small circles talking with each other between Chinese educational innovation and Arctic stakeholders.

    Also, we’d be happy to discuss promoting our free curricular resources (and perhaps those of others) with Ed Resor’s group, and inviting Paul Rose to speak with our community (perhaps as a Seminar speaker).

    I look forward to talking with the local contacts you mentioned, and I’ve begun discussing your ideas with our Education Committee.

    Thank you and best regards,
    Robert H. Rich, Ph.D., CAE
    Executive Director
    Arctic Research Consortium of the United States (ARCUS)
    please note any errors in any of above are solely caused by - anything you think is worth exploring is led by people who care most about te arctic or who tralsate languages and cutktures from chiense to eneglish to any other spirit that can happily energise youth, and especially help girls build hald of sustaonable world with mother natoure

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I have not seen in my 71 years of life an opportunity to support youth co-create futures like SDG Metaverse Prize - since my father met von neumann the year I was born my family has kept an eye on entrepreneurial revolution open societal flows. living up to smithian or keynsian values 
Special thanks to zasheem launches of 2 journals with adam smith scholars and around Glasgow's greatest 20th C alumni for good. See alsdo and Greatests of All Time
Following on with Japan ambassador to Bangladesh support from 2010 in mapping last decade of Fazle Abed and the billion womens economic model he gravitated over 50 years, Team of Asian media graduates, and friends and I were lucky to follow movements of Guterres (very granular levels of 100 ops leaders inside UN) around digital un2.0 from their start in 2016.
As a statistician, datawise. I can offer a quick start mapping every last mile operation branch of UN that is linking in to maximise tech nd deep data with smartest possible logistics even as sad new fractures of world trade flows are caused most lately by Russia. Whats still needed is more clarity on which multilateral has the most data on broken value chains- fortunately i personally know who at the world bank has since 2006 the most data on food prices across every country. Maybe you know // sources .
 Digital cooperation has been celebrated solutionwise in Geneva where the ITU has actually been the digital twin of ny policy headquarters from the start in 1946 (and actually earlier since 1865 collaborations needed for there to be one telegraph standard instead of many).
By 2018 the first digital cooperation report mainly chaired out of geneva with 30 national tech leaders eg melinda gates representing USA to guterres and he formed tech envoy transformation office round 10 transformation processes -see Overview of the Office’s Ongoing Work | Office of the Secretary-General's Envoy on Technology
The ITU started taking its responsibility to a new level with AIforgood- specifically this went year round zoom not juts annual summit- and a first 50 operational branches of the UN identified at least one ai project each. Meanwhile Guterres hosted expert roundtables around the 10 processes uniting not just un branches and national leaders but corporations , leading ai university centres and NGOs -see
Three more things came together- it turned out that 20 operational units of the UN had been discussing web1 &2 in annual vents of ITU -in thi=ose days called worldwide information society; the xprize out of moutnain view's singularity university got involved. By december the 10 million dillar avatar prize will  be debriefed- the last 4 xprizes have been on urgen tai solutions eg related to covid. And japan has been uniting about 40 cities' colleges through two investment streams geared to society5.0 and Osaka Data Track Expos - connection places where the UN has a training college and connecting AI regional epicentres fortunately Nordica, Netherlands & selected East Europe's smartest community AI researchers (ie who value DAO) are miles more connected than west EU's bureaucratic offices. (I did help moderate EU Knolwgeboard for 3 years so have followed this rather strange old world happening) You could also check with Romano Prodi as died and he shared most entrepreneurial revolution maps.
Back in 2018 the tufts arctic circle club were miles ahead on virtual reality than other boston students including mit100k prize that i once judged in a minor way.  The over 18 teams are effectively free to help the UN digitalise and connect this with web 3 or metaverse or ai or whatever is the leap forward 2020s that you see tech mobilising
 can a prize help celebrate new Greatest of All Time. This will be one way to unite celebrities of sports and fashions with real tech heroines.
Exponentially we are at a critical time as nature judges us. Due to last week's supreme court rulings, around the world nations are being told taht it is only at the state level they can expect any american partners of climate, energy etc. However there is a chnace e that if we map who cares about water this may even unite some republican states. 
Thanks to the work led by people like Eban he has a listing of which institutions joined their youth in March 2022. Is there a way to see who wants to help youth connect before december's starting line for year 1 of As far as I can see this prize isnt just us last chance to be be trusted rest of the world on cop26 but it is every community's chance to benchmark digital gov. UN2.0 if succeeds  Meta will not only provide a benchmark for digital multilateral but will in effect unite every best govtech - at community state nation level. So already when it comes to goal 4 education places like singapore and south korea are both leaders of ai for every age group and leading connectors of Guterres Digital UN , and in effect every sustainability goal solution. of course the problem is penisular and  developed island states are not sufficient to help with massive inland solutions on continent scales let alone messy landlocked nations borders. The reality is west (US and EU) depends on Asian solutions  more than many Atlamtic policymakers view. Europe is not yet better situated for peace than the 1920s and this time round the US is not united on being a leader in saving the world. The great thing about the prize is with teams of 2-6 getting on with deep digital solutions youth can advance in joy and productivity even as elder generations have designed 60 years of accelerating media to propagate hate or fear or mental illness.
i welcome any way to follow this up eg whatsapp +1 240 316  8157, zooms, last month while wall street was still investing mainly in naked apes - educators started an NFT aimed at connecting 6000 educators; to be frank this is mainly k-12 leaving the 2 main areas fazle abed's last 20 years focused newly on university and pre-school maximum opportunity to represent women empowerments voice if you should so choose to collaborate
cheers chris macrae

===================please note most of this column is due to be re-edited we hope to issue a list of yunus top 10 stories but when it comes to solutions matching those challeges there's all to play for as web3 is humanity's last chnace to leap ahead

  hottest youth-spring question of our life and times-can online education end youth unemployment for ever ? yes but only if you help map how!

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