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xDear Friends -do you all know each other at Auburn?

checking some contexts
-my understanding from friday's few minutes we chatted  when you leave college you want either the projects you pitched to start off your career or something as close as possible to what you pitched- I can try and find you mentors if you havent already got a complete team -
my context since 1976 is to work on connecting visions of biggest brand leaders with youth in every way ad agencies don't (that innovation has grown since i first saw youth sharing knowledge on a digital network 40 years ago - it seemed like the smartest media ever conceived unlike tv advertising which has spiralled as the dumbest or most uneconomic)
my career experience main finding is world's biggest brand leaders' promises are the most political on earth- and nothing I have ever come across is as political as the mess around yunus (see eg right hand column below) - which is why i suggest he needs your help
  1 yunus wants the corridor between atlanta and tuskegee to celebrate youth projects that change america -so link your project to any other youth genius auburn projects to any other projects bhuiyans can link in to any other ways alabama and georgia youth can save obama as yesyouthcan president or yunus as yes you can networker
2 we argue at that net gen can be worldwide youths most productive time only if vital knowhow curricula are shared - nutritious agriculture is probably most uniquely needed alabama curriculum (and linkins well with number 1 ceo supporting yunus in usa john mackey of whole foods and conscious capitalism). Alabama's youth nutrition networkers become especially valuable around youth's world if they partner with heroic medic networkers- so both of your full purposes match, as far as I can see
3 IF at whatever is the optimal time one member from each of your team needs to go to dhaka to speak to one of heroes there then my family foundation will sponsor that (it would help me a lot if you keep a diary of what you learn from your projects that you would most help mentor youth who come after you - but i dont require such a curriculum commitment; you know how you to need to spend your time better than I do)
what ideas /questions do you have next? if i have misunderstood  something,  tell me and I can try to edit above
reference mackey
To: Dr. Bhuiyan - OFC Innovation and Entrepreneurship <>; Monica Yunus <>; Kazi Huque <> Sent: Tuesday, 22 January 2013, 8:58 Subject: bhuyan -can ofcvc be in time to help market obama's massive grassroots intervention
I dont know what contacts you and hbus all have apart from obama chief adviser to women who keynoted last april
but the only grassroots program obama has that's truly community up is 4 billion dollars allocated 2010 to community broadband projects state by state
if you are interested I can introduce you to 2 leaders of these programs
geographically most relevant is north georgia social broadband experiment
practically most relevant is clinton's state arkansas that has used its fund to connect distant medical practices
if you want better directions state by state then darrell west at brookings who I tried intro you to last summer has the most contacts but the digital literacy group of the mayors office in dc also wants to become involved- apart from energetic young people, it was the only interesting new lead that came out of udc 30 sept
when do we next meet either in dc or tuskegee- if in 1997 when two thousand great and good came to celebrate yunus at microcreditsummit their first task had been to develop an open curriculum of how he realy did things then microcreditsummit wouldnt have become the big banking, liars PR and academics hired to highest bidder mess that it did- hence microeducationsummit is the post 2015 mgoals spaces of youth and yunus to network henceforth
chris macrae washington dc
301 881 1655
skype chrismacraedc
Norman Macrae Foundation for pro-youth economics curriculum
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norman macrae's retirement present from The Economist 1988  is a bit grainy but...
as chris. estellepeter know from Economist Party 2010 with 2013 being 170th anniversary of The Economist being founded to end hunger it would be good to find ways to converge all the most heroic youth networkers in one portal
I am quite optimistic that portal will emerge out of georgia and alabama youth's energies as well as Georgia's jim egan's remit at Ferrumar- it interests me that tuskegee university was both founded by a slave originally as  girl school before becoming the jewel in the crown of Historically Black Universities and was also where us airforce trained - my father was a teenage navigator in world war 2 over modern day bangaldesh and myanmar
if anywhere's youth bring back nutrition and healthcare to usa it will likely hub out of alabama youth and georgia i have a dream spirit

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